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Football (Soccer for all you yanks)

Football, aah, the beautiful game is by far the most loved and followed game on the planet today.  It beats the likes of baseball, basketball, and hockey into the ground.
 I have become a football freak in the past 4 years, and am passionate about it in much the same way as food, cricket, JRR Tolkien books and MiG 21s.

I follow, the English Premiership, very closely and do so because of the fast paced nature of the game in England. The media coverage of the games is also superb, with pundits like Martin Tyler, Richard Keys and Andy Gray.
The fans are also passionate, and the stadia superb.
"The first man in a tackle never gets hurt." Will Copping
I am a follower Arsenal Football Club (or the popularly called 'Gunners'). They are a club steeped in history,from the north of London, managed by Arsene Wenger, arguably the most studied, shrewd manager(in terms of buying players with shoestring budgets and all else) in the country.
Currently we Gooners are having a blast as Arsene's army march on in three fronts(League, Cup and the European Cup).

They have a few superstars including Dennis Bergkamp, Thierry Henry, Sol Campbell, Patrick Vieira and Robert Pires. Arsenal are based at Highbury, one of the smallest pitches in the country where the fans almost are on the pitch, adding to the atmosphere. Highbury pitches are also the best maintained that I've seen, always green and lush even in winter.
Arsenal also play in a very attacking style and are breath-taking at times when they sweep forward in counter-attack.
In Thierry Henry they have probably one of the most creative players on the planet, Sol Campbell is one of the best defenders in the country and Patrick Vieira, they have the best midfielders. 
They are currently the FA cup holders of 2003, by defeating Southampton 1-0 at the Millenium stadium in Cardiff in May earlier this year.
A few fan songs for all to enjoy:
Walking along,
singing a song,
Walking in a Bergkamp wonderland
There's only one Dennis Bergkamp, one Dennis Bergkamp,
walking along....
--To the tune of winter wonderland
If you all hate Tottenham clap you hands, c-c-c, if you all hate Tottenham clap your hands, c-c-c,
if you all hate Tottenham, if you all hate Tottenham, if you all hate Tottenham clap your hands, c-c-c
--To the tune of Coming round the Mountain
Run Run Whoever you may be.
Theres no-one as fast as our Henry.
And you'll be seeing red and nothing of the ball.
Cause we are the London Ar-sen-al
Vieeeeeeira, Ooh oh ooh oh, Vieeeeeeira, Ooh oh ooh oh, He comes from Senegal, He plays for Arsenal, (repeat)
Maybe it's because I'm a Gooner, that I love Arsenal so,
maybe it's because I'm a gooner, that I'm proud of her wherever I go,
I get a funny feeling inside of me, about that red mean machine,
 maybe it's because I'm a gooner, that Arsenal's the greatest team
Vieeeeeeira, Ooh oh ooh oh, Vieeeeeeira, Ooh oh ooh oh, He comes from Senegal, He likes to have a brawl, (repeat)
Good old Arsenal, We're proud to say that name, And while we sing this song, We'll win the game
Sing about the Gunners, We're the lads in Red & White, We can play the football game, And we can play it right.
While there's still a minute left, We'll not give up the fight, When we go marching on Cardiff city.
March on, march on! The boy's from Highbury. March on, march on! March on to victory. The Gunners colours on the Cup, Is what we're gonner see, When we go marching on Cardiff City

Visit http://www.arsenal.com