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Janes Fighters Anthology

Janes Fighters Anthlogy is a classic military flight sim. It is probably the only game in existance which lets you fly almost 100 planes, and in many patched versions(mine included), allows you to fly helicopters and even in my case ships and tanks.

Excited yet?

This is the readme file that I have released with my custom library which patches or improves Fighteras Anthology's realism, adds many planes, choppers and much, much more.

The library goes by the name of FAMP 1.1 and is available at




Also there at my Downloads page on this site, in an easily usable *.exe format.



Mod 1.1 Updates list:


-RF 4E Recce Phantom

-IR LineScanner Recce pod

-K8 Karakorum Jet trainer

-IJT 36 HALs new trainer aircraft

-T 37 Tweet Trainer

-Updated PL 8 missile, made a lot more flare resistant

-Improved SA 16 Igla missile characteristics

-Kfir C10

-IAI Lavi

-An 225 Mriya

-J 8II

-AGM 130 C-9


-Bug fixes for Milan ATGM

-Added man with ATGMs(Milan, HJ 8 Red Arrow, TOW and Javelin)

-F 35 Ghosthawk

-VC 10 Tanker

-F 86 Sabre

-Lots of new shapes taken from Centurians site.

-F 15 I Raam

-S3B Viking

-Mirage F1 EQ2

-M irage F1 EQ-7

-Mirage 2000D

-F 14A Tomcat from IRIAF

-Shafaq Iran

-Seahawk fighter(70s vintage fighter operating off the INS Vikrant)




Almost all flyable SAMs, and most of the flyable ships.




Hi, and thanks for downloading this Fighters Anthology Library file.

This lib is in no way connected to Janes or EA.

In this lib, I have attempted to modify almost all the ships, SAMs, AAAs, planes, helicopters and vehicles.

I have tried to include weapons systems used by the armed forces of India and Pakistan more than any other, although there are quite a few. Examples being the LCA, the Akash SAM, the Anza SAM, the S 300 and the J7 PG fighter.

Many new weapons and sensor pods, radars, jamming pods have been included. There are now drivable tanks, SHIPS and choppers. Have added never-been-libbed planes like the Mirage IV P and the HS 748 to name a few.

However this is just mod 1.0 in what I hope will be an ever-improving FA lib series.

Thanks to JK Zephyr Peterson and his website and forum FARC. I have also taken the liberty of using icons/shapes from Centurian and JK Pete's website.





Please copy the lib files into the FA directory and play.


Hope you enjoy the lib.




All mail to tingudu@rediffmail.com


Below are a few screenshots from my lib, FAMP 1.1, the featured aircraft is the LCA/Tejas. There are also MiG 21 bis, and the Mi 25 Hind.






Also visit the Fighters Anthology Resource Centre (FARC) Message board run by Zephyr.