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Welcome to my website, this site has articles written by me on various topics. It also has a few files for download and a few pics.



9/10/2005 updated with the 'Dus' review. TOEFL tomorrow. 6/ 5/ 2005 Stoopid updates on the abput me page. Lotsa quizzes. Have fun! Sorry, No updates for a while now, busy with my job, have a blog on www.blogontheweb.com but will update soon.


08/ 7/ 2004: Added my review of 'Hyderabad Blues 2: Rearranged Marriage' in Articles and Reviews section.


19/ 6/ 2004: Added a review of 'Lakshya' in the Articles and Reviews section.


24/ 4/ 2004: Re organised the site, made the upper menubar less cluttered, moved articles to another section>> Articles and Reviews. Added new article on Indian Space.


13/ 3/ 2004: Updated the Soccer page with a few more songs, also the About Me page was updated.


8/ 2/ 2004: Added my review of LOTR: The Reurn of the King

                   Added a few links also 


4/ 1/ 2004: Added a Su 30 MKI article




17/ 11/ 2003: Made the download files in exe format


10/ 11/ 2003: Added new pics and a few quiz results in the About me section


25/ 10/ 2003: New FA_IP lib added for download.



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